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Wallet Providers and Developers

Calling all Wallet Providers and Wallet Developers. You’re the face of the Fourdotzero network to consumers and retailers.

That means you own your customer relationships. And can create compelling new value propositions around low-value payments to users globally.

Low-value payments are low cost, thanks to Fourdotzero. This opens up a whole host of new ways to sell — and be paid. Think: single news articles and blogs without the hassle of sign-up. Copyright music or photos. Pay-to-play gaming. Plus, many more.

What’s more, think not only about small-ticket sales in the physical and digital worlds, but about micropayments in the metaverse and other Web 3.0 applications.

Wallet Providers and Wallet Developers earn a fee on each transaction sent and received via the Fourdotzero network.

This is your opportunity to expand your business into the metaverse and build new business models with new revenue streams from web 3.0 applications, monetising their rapid adoption through Fourdotzero.

Become a Wallet Provider:

Extend your direct relationship with customers to enhance your business, brand and bottom line.

Embedding Fourdotzero into an existing mobile/browser application or wallet allows users to make or receive low-value payments. It’s a great way to expand your proposition to a global user base. One that’ll engage with your brand multiple times per day each time they pay or get paid.

Become a Wallet Developer:

Drive incremental revenue by appealing to Wallet Providers worldwide.

Whether your strengths are designing applications for mobile, web browsers, wearables or IOT devices, adding micropayment capability helps set you apart. It may also be strategically sound to become a Wallet Provider to expand your reach and capture more fee revenue.