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Unlock new business models

Bite-sized payments for a byte-sized world.

Making digital micropayments pay

Over 65% of payments are less than $25. And this percentage is rising. Yet when it comes to processing small payments, low value is different to low cost. That’s what happens when you retrofit an economic model from the last century to digital payments. The fit is poor, leaving digital content creators and innovators without a viable payment method.

Workarounds designed by Big Tech – Apple Pay, Google Pay etc. – work for Big Tech. But as they’re effectively ‘walled gardens’, closed to many, they fail as workarounds for everyone. They also drive today’s subscription and take-it-or-leave-it business models. As e-commerce matures, this’ll inhibit innovation.

Retrofitting an economic model from the last century to digital payments no longer fits.

Richard Bell and Jeremy Light

Fourdotzero Founders

Safe, trusted, regulated money


Fourdotzero draws on the latest cryptography to help secure payments, prevent fraud and protect privacy.


Our rulebook sets out the rules for everyone to ensure the smooth running of the system.


Fourdotzero aims to be regulated by the UK Financial Conduct Authority (FCA) as an e-money institution. Currently Fourdotzero has been accepted into the FCA Innovation Hub for its innovative approach to enabling micropayments on the blockchain.


Taken together, the above helps create trust in the Fourdotzero network and brand as well as a level playing field for participants.

Fourdotzero takes micropayments from:


Multi-day delays to sub-5-minute sign-up


Pay-outs every 3-5 days to near-immediate funds 24/7


Fixed fees to ad valorem pricing


Cumbersome registered subscriptions to one-off pay on demand

What we believe...

Low-value payments at low cost

WhatsApp, Signal and Telegram secure messaging services are almost free to use and easy to implement. We took this as our model for low-value payments.

Tailored economics

Fourdotzero reduces the cost of small payments through economics tailored for the sector. This frees sellers up to charge per use, rather than on subscription. After all, customers in the physical world find accumulating subscriptions expensive and buy on demand. Why not in the digital world?

Better by design

Fourdotzero is all about reduced friction and an enhanced user experience through ‘better by design’. We use AI and machine-learning techniques to streamline sign-up, monitor our network and prevent fraud.


The Fourdotzero promise to users is sub-5-minute sign-up and near-immediate pay-outs 24/7.

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