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65% of today’s payments are under $25.

Following the launch of an MVP and a pilot with a prestigious UK school, Fourdotzero is entering the next stage of growth. We’re seeking partners to join this stage and aim to close the funding round in Q2 2022.

If you share our values…

  1. Global ambition – Thinking small is a self-fulfilling prophecy and will fail to achieve the scale needed to be successful
  2. New category development – Appetite to navigate a digital life beyond Google, to head towards Snowcrash’s* metaverse and industry 4.0 through web3.0 based services, as exemplified by the Sovereign Individual**
  3. Global expertise — Knowledge of commerce culture and practices outside traditional level four countries in North America and Europe
  4. Regulated industry exposure – Appreciation of the importance of legal and regulatory due diligence and willingness to invest in the necessary skillsets
  5. Technology-first track record – Familiarity with the risk profile of technology businesses and the economics of investment required to leverage network effects
…and are interested, sign up for further details and our investment prospectus.
* Neal Stephenson 1992
** James Dale Davidson, Lord William Rees-Mogg 1997