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Meet the digital
way to pay

Fourdotzero solves this. We make small payments pay to power Web 3.0
and metaverse business models.
Set up to accept payments in under 5 mins
Store and exchange value in any metaverse
Cornerstone of Web 3.0 services
Develop innovative business models

Safe trusted money to power the next

generation of internet services

Bite-sized payments for a byte-sized world

Small, everyday payments are a big deal. That‚Äôs true in most countries. But online? That‚Äôs difficult. It‚Äôs just uneconomic to make and receive sales for pennies up to ¬£/$/‚ā¨20 using traditional payment systems. Low-value payments online are broken. Yet new digital services and business models depend on fixing them. Say hello to Fourdotzero, a global micropayment network on the blockchain.

Open to all

Unlike most other payment systems, Fourdotzero is permissionless to access. It’s flexible to innovate. And it’s available to everyone, everywhere.

Making micropayments work for retailers and consumers

Using the blockchain and stablecoins (regulatory-compliant e-money tokens), Fourdotzero makes low-value sales low cost. This opens up a whole host of new ways to sell ‚ÄĒ and be paid. Think: single news articles and blogs without the hassle of sign-up. Copyright music or photos. Pay-to-play gaming. The use cases are limitless.

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About us

Fourdotzero is the brainchild of payment industry veterans Richard Bell and Jeremy Light of Fourdotzero. Both cut their teeth scaling blockchain payments at Ripple, the Silicon Valley company building a global cross-border payments network using blockchain technology and a digital asset. Bell specialises in bringing new product innovations to market, including at Visa, Santander and Vodafone, and Light formerly led Accenture’s payment consulting business in Europe for many years, advising some of the biggest banks and processors in the sector.

Richard Bell

Chief Executive Officer / Co-Founder
Formerly – Ripple, Santander, Visa and Vodafone

Jeremy Light

Chairman and Chief Operating Officer/ Co-Founder
Formerly – Ripple and Accenture

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