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A Fourdotzero token provides an immutable commitment from Fourdotzero to the token holder to guarantee redemption at par value. The holder has a legal claim on Fourdotzero and a Fourdotzero token is a liability of Fourdotzero.

Only Fourdotzero may issue and redeem tokens by minting and burning them.

Each token is matched programmatically one-for-one with an identical liability in Fourdotzero’s reserve account, held at a commercial, custodian or central bank.

Fourdotzero can do nothing with reserve funds but safeguard and return them at par value when tokens are redeemed.

Fourdotzero’s reserve account can only be used to accept deposits from Wallet Provider participants in exchange for issued Fourdotzero tokens. And to send funds to Wallet Provider participants who have made withdrawals.

Fourdotzero must make available a public proof-of-reserve continuous display that shows the real-time balance of the reserve account and the total Fourdotzero tokens in issuance.

Tokens are invisible to consumers and are never held directly by them. Tokens are held only by wallet providers (and in the fee accounts of service providers on the network). The sum of a wallet provider’s customer balances equals the number of tokens held by the wallet provider for their customers.