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Network Partners

Fourdotzero's micropayment network is a global system for person-to-person, person-to-business and business-to-business payments. To achieve a worldwide scale and ubiquity, Fourdotzero employs an ecosystem approach.


Send and/or receive payments across the Fourdotzero network via a Wallet Provider. There are two types of Users: consumers and retailers.

Wallet Providers

Provide services to Users for making and receiving payments. Users have a direct commercial relationship with a Wallet Provider, who issues their wallet, manages their account and provides payment and other services. Wallet Providers are responsible for any regulatory elements.

Wallet Developers

Develop the wallet software or modules embedded in a Wallet Provider's wallets. These may be standalone or embedded mobile wallets, web browsers, e-commerce platforms, IoT devices etc.


Sell content, services and/or goods (physical or digital) for transaction values of £/$/€25 or less, and use the Fourdotzero network to get paid.


Provides the payment network, rules, tokenomics and regulatory status to support the smooth operation of the Fourdotzero global micropayment network.

Network Service Providers

Specialist service providers, integrated into the Fourdotzero network, offering optional services to Wallet Providers.